My 1 and only daughter

Nobyembre 16, 2009 bandang 3:44 hapon | Ipinaskil sa buhay-buhay | 6 mga puna

My friends used to ask me how many kids i wanted to have i always tell them, i want to have 5 kids. I really wanted to have a big family, being the only girl with 2 brothers for me it was pretty small. I always envy our neighbor, they have 5 kids and it was always funny especially during dinner or just simply watching TV. Of course its not always as smooth as i thought and was not easy for the parents, because there were some conflicts among the children but all in all it was fun. After giving birth to Lara, i suddenly changed my mind. Not because i had phobia of giving birth, the whole pregnancy was almost perfect and i enjoyed it, the end part is another story but it was not bad. Its just that i cant imagine how my heart can love another child as much as i love her. I heard that when you have a second child your heart and your love doesnt divide but it grows. MIL and A even told me that its better for Lara to have a brother or sister because it will help her to develop social skills. I dont know, again i just cant imagine loving another baby aside from my Lara, only time will tell.

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  1. oh so sweet :O) well like you said, only time will tell.. i’m sure a mom’s heart has so much love in her..unimaginable…

  2. “I heard that when you have a second child your heart and your love doesnt divide but it grows”

    Yup i difinitely agree with this. I saw in my parents how they multiply their love for us instead of dividing their love. It’s all true that a bigger family is happier. Hope malaki din ang pamilya namin but we’re only in three.

  3. hi Toni, super drama noh emote to the max ang lola mo hehehe!!!

    Dorm Boy: thanks for dropping, pero sa satin yung 3kids medyo malaki narin eh noh compared sa China na allowed lang sila ng 1

  4. hallo lilaybulilay,

    We wish you a blessful New Year,
    success, health and peace……..

    Happy New year, 2010..

    at last naka visit ako sa iyo na……nakalimutan ko talaga.

    oo nga, post ko yon lecheflan recipe ko, hope nakita mo sa blog ko.

    sigi, all the best in the new year, 2010

  5. lilay, happy new year … di ka na ulit nagparamdam 🙂 all the best to you and your loved ones!

  6. Hallo lilay,

    Thank you very much for your greetings to my 50th bday.
    thank you, thank you.

    thanks for the visit,too.


    God bless

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