The Season i love

Nobyembre 3, 2009 bandang 4:09 hapon | Ipinaskil sa buhay-buhay | 2 mga puna

Fall is my favorite season why?because for me its the most colorful season next to Spring…opinion ko lang. Kaya lang most years it comes and go quickly that you dont get the chance to appreciate it. It was also in the same season when i arrived in DE, its been 3 years, and now we have a Lara, we are 3. Every Fall is very special, but this one is more special having our angel enjoying the colorful picturesque sorrounding. I just hope it will stay a little bit longer…..kaya lang winter is just around the corner already.

Bild 1203

Bild 1178


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  1. yey! mabuhay. nice to see you here, back in blogworld. Lara is so cute.. grabe.. time flies. well hope to hear more from you this time. enjoy the rest of the fall..

  2. thanks Toni, pasulpot sulpot lang din ako ang hirap magnakaw ng oras para maka blog, matindi ang bantay parang si Jawo hehehe!!!

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