Friends (part one)

Pebrero 13, 2008 bandang 9:58 umaga | Ipinaskil sa buhay-buhay | Mag-iwan ng puna

All of us have different group of friends. Like me, i have childhood friends,grade school friends,high school friends, college friends and work friends etc. With work friends i have different group of friends from different companies i have worked with. I decided to make a tribute post for all of my friends from the different parts of my life. To start with, this post is for my former work colleagues who Ive shared a lot of good, happy and sad memories with.


Ronald we have committed to our promise “Through thickness and in thinness”,till death do us part. You know what i mean =P, All i need is to think of the times when were together sobrang sumasaya nako. Isa ka sa nga taong bumibili ng mga jokes ko, and I feel like i can be superwoman pag kasama kita. Kaya naman marinig ko lang ang halakhak mo feeling ko nothing is impossble. Salamat sa friendship beh, isa ka sa pinaka mabuting nangyari sakin sa fedex. I will always be your friend whether you like or not.

Mitch,mama thank you very much for the friendship. Ang dami narin nating pinagdaanan esp nung KL days when we both discovered the things we have in common. I love you so much, i may not be with you physically but i will always be here to listen and cry with you whenever you need me. Stay pretty and wonderful, mama dapat maintain ang status wag papa daig sa intriga. You will always be the greta of my life…mwah!!!


Beth, I’m so glad na kahit malayo tayo sa isat isa we still manage to keep in touch. Thank you for trusting me everytime na aning ka at may icoconsult ka saking mga decisions =P, though lagi kong sinasabi na kahit 24X7 tayong magchat ikaw parin ang magdidisisyon. I also want to thank you for being there, always listening to me esp pag badtrip ako or simply malungkot ako. Kakamiss yung araw ng okrayan, walang humpay na tawanan natin with the gang. Beh kahit malayo na tayo log kalang andyan ako agad. LOve you and god bless!!!


Madsy, ang aking super friend na “brown eyes” =P, marse thank you much. I learned a lot from you esp sa “faith” part. Your being optimistic helped me a lot. Nabawasan ang pagiging worrier ko and i became more a warrior. Thank you for your prayers. Im so happy that finally youve found someone who appreciates you the way we do. I love you marse!!!!


Jen, alam ko kahit madalang tayo magkasama we share this bond of friendship na tayo lang nakaka alam. We have this certain connection na we can relate kahit sa tinginan lang alam na. I want to thank you for that “special bond” that youve given. Im always praying for your happiness and success. I love you.


Onin, my uragon baby bro. I normally love keeping and taking care of little kids. At isa ka sa mga kapatid ko bukod pa sa mga anak anakan ko. Thank you so much, for being always prepared and ready kapag hinaharbat ka namin kung saan saan at kahit ikaw lang magisang boy minsan go ka parin. I soooo miss the inuman days and the fishers of course. I know that you are happy now, and im also happy for you. I hope maging ok lahat ng plano mo and i wish you all the best.


Shang, of course iba naman ang level ng friendship natin. People can have so many different definitions ng friendship, pero it doesnt matter. We dont need to be really close para masabing magkaibigan tayo. Basta i consider you as one of my super friends. Thank you for being such a good company, basta basta. I love you shang…ps. wala tayong picture na magkasama, pero i love your kids,, hehehe kaibigan ba talga kita???god bless!!!


Nog, ikaw ang gatas sa kape ko kahit kulay kape ka =P. Whenever i need an opinion from the opposite side it always turns out na nasa side kita…sweet diba. Pero im so happy na we were able to continue that good relationship weve started kahit na inabot tayo ng bagyo, oh diba tested. Thank you for being a good friend and pasensyoso sa pagiging bratinela ko. I will always treasure our friendship forever..naks!!!


Egg, our Baguio was the most memorable trip for me. Don tayo super naging close. Thank you so much for the friendship, lagi kong naalala yung mga FX and Taxi days natin kakamiss. Sayang lang hindi na tayo nakakapag usap. I hope one these days makapag usap tayo. I miss you and i love you egg!!! god bless!!!


Madam, i dont know if you can read this with such a busy schedule pero carry lang. You dont have an idea how sad and devastated i was when you left. I felt like i lost an arm and leg…exage ba? pero ganun talaga. You will always be my mentor, idol nga kita diba laging kong sinasabi yon. Thank you so much for everything. Ang dami kong natutunan sayo. Words are not enough to say thank you, pero i just want to let you know that im always here, and im always praying for you and Lea. Sana someday magkasama tayo ulit. I love you!!!!

This post is not finish, i will be posting more…..Guys thank you sooo much!!!!..yung mga naiyak daanin nyo nalang sa Squid balls along Ayala ave.!!!!gow!!!


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